Looks like Books will be obsolete in the future

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One place where clients that I take care of works has accepted the discarded books from thrift stores in town and from the library. Each person who works there gets paid to tear the books up. Now don’t think poorly of these people those of you who love the written word as I do they are just doing what they are told. What is disturbing is why are the books being destroyed. On the news it was reported that THE GETTYSBURG ADDRESS given by the one and only PRESIDENT ABRAHAM LINCOLN  has been altered in the schools they have taken out the part of the civil war. How can you teach a half truth I would even challenge can a half truth be a lie you decide . Still the most disturbing thing is that these places out of ignorance have been sending the written WORD OF GOD  to the same place to be destroyed.However the people who are in charge there their convictions prevented the destruction of the precious WORD OF THE ALMIGHTY.  It has been said from a christian show that a woman has been writing a new version of the BIBLE, notice I didn’t say the WORD OF GOD. GOD’S WORD is inspired by GOD it is not written by man. People’s thoughts are moved alot by what they are taught so what happens when we are taught the wrong things.With ideas put into our heads that are lies or even half truths it can lead to compromise and God really doesn’t like us being Lukewarm.Check out Revelations. I just wonder how long it will be when all things will be altered including our thinking.


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