Syria desperately needs prayer, food, and peace. Death toll tops 140,000. “Unspeakable” crimes committed against children. Peace talks break down.

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prayer is so needed

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syria-refugees-infographic ( Washington, D.C.) — The humanitarian disaster in Syria just keeps getting worse, the death toll keeps climbing, the destruction keeps spreading, the nation’s children are being subjected to unspeakable crimes, and now the latest round of peace talks in Geneva have broken down without progress.

Please pray urgently:

  • for peace 
  • for the immediate end of this horrific civil war
  • for the bodies and souls of the Syrian people
  • for the international relief organizations trying to get food and other supplies to suffering people amidst so much fighting and danger
  • for Christian relief organizations will have wisdom to know how to bless and care for the suffering people of Syria
  • for wisdom for government leaders, NGOs and Christian groups to know how to care for the 2 million-plus Syrian refugees who have poured into neighboring countries
  • for pastors and evangelical Christian leaders around the region and the world will be moved by the Lord to  mobilize more…

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