seek understanding and always seek to love….

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Proverbs 21:16 a man who wanders from the way  of understanding will rest in the congregation of the dead…. wow! I had read this and thought of many who had wandered looking into the teachings of others rather that into the WORD OF GOD. It is so easy to be deceived out there now a days, when you listen to people behind the pulpit they are all convincing unless you know the scripture.Yes I know you need a relationship with the Lord and I have been told not to depend so much on the WORD  but that in itself is scary in itself at least to me it is. I have seen people who have ‘heard from the LORD’ yet what they have heard does not seem to line up with scripture.[  I hold my breath at these words and am trying not to be so judgmental. ] How else would we know the character of God unless we seek HIM in everything that is HIS including the WORD OF GOD. I mean can anyone tell me what the difference between the wisdom from above and the other that does not? it is in James 3:16-17 . what is the fruit of the HOLY SPIRIT? What is the gifts of the HOLY SPIRIT? Can you answer this without the WORD OF GOD? Yet the Word is being destroyed and taken lightly by people who believe in YEHOSHUA [JESUS]{not all people who are Christians have done this  but I know some ignorantly have done this ]. What is the understanding we must have so as to  not to sit in the congregation of the dead? Can I ask , Would that be to believe in Jesus ? If that was all than why did Jesus say to the ones in Matthew 7:23-23 who had prophesied in HIS NAME and cast out demons in HIS NAME and had done wonders in HIS NAME, why did HE say to depart from HIM? because they NEVER KNEW HIM  they had no understanding of who JESUS IS or HIS love and hadn’t any love for JESUS AND THE FATHER. The first commandment which is the greatest commandment is[ Mark 12:30-31] to love GOD WITH ALL YOU soul , mind , and strength, the second greatest is to love your neighbor as yourself. WHEN YOU UNDERSTAND HIS LOVE FOR YOU THEN YOU WILL SEE HIS POWER. Understanding who JESUS IS AND knowing WHAT HE HAS DONE FOR US WHEN HE GAVE HIS LIFE OF LOVE FOR US ON THAT CROSS is what we need to remove ourselves from those who are dying.


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