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Chaos or a challenge?

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Chaos or a challenge?.


Chaos or a challenge?

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What a week! my friend’s house burnt down in January but as things go she wasn’t able to get alot of items out of the house because they were frozen down. I am on my way to work now, my work week I do not count as a part of living my life is on hold for one week so I count my month as two weeks and my year as six months. I live with four challenged people then I go home and recuperate. It is not easy yet my friend does not get a chance to recuperate. Overwhelmed with chaos it is a challenge just to put her life back together. Yet her strength is admirable . I must go now if I do not answer it is because I am unable to . so thank you for writing me .


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HE LIFTS US UP: Children Learn by Example

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This is a message to all parents…

Children learn by example so we all need to consider what example we set for them.

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Save Saeed: Your Voice Matters (BLITZ SOCIAL MEDIA on Wednesday March 19th) Read for more INFO

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In this microwave world we want things and we want them now…and things we have to patiently toil for are often discarded or ignored.

With the many concerns we all have, it’s easy to “grow weary in well doing”.

We have an opportunity in front of us to make a real difference in an ongoing tragedy…but we need to choose to act, and act in faith despite the length of the trial..

The Iranian government has a tradition of releasing some political prisoners as part of the celebration of the Iranian New Year called Nowruz.

We want to create another social media storm this Wednesday calling on anyone who can influence the Iranian government to release Pastor Saeed Abedini.

The last social media campaign was extremely effective in raising awareness and compelling our government to take real actions to procure his freedom.

This might be the one that wins it.

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