Country shortcuts…

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I found this book ‘1,628 Country Shortcuts’  at a thrift store . I thought I would share:don’t overcook jams and jellies or they’ll become tough and rubbery; If you have  a small waste basket in your bathroom , empty it and use it as a bucket when you clean your bathroom so it gets cleaned too;

candle wax can be removed from table linens by rubbing the spots with a generous amount of vegetable oil. Wipe off with excess with paper towel and wash as usual

use baking soda to polish the chrome fixtures in your bathroom. Put a small amount on a wet cloth, rub the fixtures and dry with a soft cloth . they’ll look like new.

when you wash the curtains wash the rods then wax them that will make the curtains slide more easily

salt can be used to accomplish a number of things;salt thrown on a fire will extinguish it quickly.salt will quickly clean discolored bathtub or enameled utensils.a lump of salt . a lump of salt placed in the sink will clear the drain.salt mixed with water will prevent colored borders in towels and other fabrics from running if the towels are soaked in the solution for 24 hours.




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