Lake Superior

How beautiful is this lake , Duluth is a town I absolutely love! It has a different feel to it. With all the ships it reminds me of a harbor that would be in the east coast maybe Maine. with the rolling hill for roads it makes me think of San Fransisco , the lake it so big you can’t see across it so it gives the feel of the ocean , it still has a small town feel which is like the midwest. I just haven’t felt  the south in it.

Published by Taanjia

I am blessed to have YAHSHUA as my Lord and Saviour, my family is small but I am grateful for them, my three fur babies are very precious to me and are quite spolied. i love to capture the beauty of YAHWEH 's creation with my camera. Yrs ago I woke up with a title of a children's story and sat down to write it out, that is when I desired to write. painting calms me and jewelry making is still a desire. This is part of who I am .

2 thoughts on “Lake Superior

  1. I can imagine how it is from your description since I have lived in San Francisco, San Diego, but have never been back your way….would love to see more pictures though! 🙂

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