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I have been so interested in homesteading lately, every time I get on my kindle fire I shop for cheap or reasonable books on raising chickens, goats , bees, and gardens, yep homesteading. I especially like the ones which the women have written about it. One was Pioneering a christian woman who wanted out of her to job and be able to homestead with the sale of her new book. Instead she learned to trust GOD. I could relate to her and to other women who spoke of homesteading and financing it with writing books or in my case whatever creativity I have that I can invest my time in to be able to work from home. My job calls me away from home a week at a time. It is not like I travel far away only a few miles. Miles seem like forever when you just want to be home with the ones you love.
 Still it is being put here I have grown closer to MY LORD , it is in this room away from the clients I tend to or away from my family that I pray , study and have Taanjia time with the LORD. I treasure that time , even though I still hope for hours to bring me home I appreciate what HE has given me. The alone time I have after 10:30 pm to spend in prayer , and study. Inside I still long for land for my little homestead to raise my chickens , raise goats, have a horse, plant a garden but am satisfied with MY LORD.



One thought on ““T” Time

    Planting Potatoes said:
    March 14, 2014 at 3:16 pm

    We have moved to this small mountain time, growing our garden and living simply, for much the same reasons! God bless!

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