Tone deaf? God works miracles!

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When I was a teenager I went to live with my Dad in Colorado. My family had always made fun of my singing so I thought they were just teasing me and just maybe I could sing, so I joined the choir. At the end of the semester there is a school contest for the best choir. My choir director told me if I sat out when they sang he would give me an ‘A’. I found it funny because the truth is I couldn’t hold a tune. God works the  impossible with people. I go to a church where my hubby plays guitar for worship. I knew in my spirit I was to be up there with him and my son . However I knew I couldn’t carry a tune so I prayed to the Lord and told HIM I knew I couldn’t sing yet I knew in my spirit I was to be up there and if I was HE would have to put me up there. the following sunday the Pastor told me to go up with my husband and sing. My GOD is one of miracles.


2 thoughts on “Tone deaf? God works miracles!

    […] Tone deaf? God works miracles!. […]

    secretangel said:
    March 18, 2014 at 12:47 am

    Amen. Praise God. I can’t carry a tune in a bucket and praying for God to bless me with a singing voice.

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