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When I heard about strange fire I had thought it was something in the supernatural realm that was suppose to be stayed away from . In a sense I was right just not the way I thought I was …..

Leviticus 10:1 then Nadab and Abihu the sons of Aaron , took his censer and put fire on it, put incense  on it and offered profane fire [ STRANGE is in the KJV] before the Lord, which  HE had not commanded them. 10:2 so fire went out from the LORD and devoured them, and they died before the LORD.10:3 and Moses said to Aaron , ” this is what the LORD spoke saying ,”BUT THOSE WHO COME NEAR ME , I MUST BE REGARDED AS HOLY;AND BEFORE ALL THE PEOPLE I MUST BE GLORIFIED”

Strange fire is a big no no so what is strange fire? Well I got curious so I looked up the word

strange=zuwr [02114]

to turn aside,[es, for lodging]hence to be a foreigner, strange , profane, to commit adultery [come from another [man place]go away

I don’t see anything in it that is supernatural only spiritual which the LORD G-D IS A SPIRIT AND WE ARE TO WORSHIP HIM IN THE SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH…However what I did see was the boys of Aaron had wrong hearts theirs weren’t perfect before the Lord so they offered up sacrifices which weren’t perfect before HIM either. I also saw that they had not listened to what G-D had told them to do they were commanded to to do something and they didn’t obey. They had not feared G-D.

The fear of G-D has not been shown to HIM , HE is deserving of all reverence and glory, it breaks my heart to read


I like the way this one teacher spoke of fear ….;” to fear G-D is to be terrified to not be with HIM” puts it in perspective, yet how many of us still have a foot in the world and yet deny that we do, or make excuses instead of repenting you know the old saying ‘ HE’S STILL WORKING ON ME WHEN WE SHOULD BE SAYING FATHER G-D I AM SO SORRY FOR GOSSIPING, OR SPEAKING A LITTLE WHITE LIE [AS SOME LIKE TO CALL IT]  SHOWING FAVORITISM FOR THE SPECIAL PEOPLE YOU KNOW THE ONES WITH PRESTIGE OR HAVE MONEY ,you know what I am saying. HE IS KING , HE IS A JUDGE AS WELL AS OUR FATHER. HE DESERVES RESPECT AND HONOR. If we love HIM we will obey HIS commands isn’t that what JESUS SAID.

NKJ  Malachi 1:10 who is there even among you would shut the doors , so that you would not kindle fire on MY altar in vain? I have no pleasure in you,” says the LORD OF HOSTS.”NOR WILL I ACCEPT AN OFFERING  FROM YOUR HANDS. an empty offering when you approach G-D what do you have to give HIM, many would assume it has to be something tangible  what HE WANTS IS WHAT HE GAVE FOR YOU , HE WANTS YOUR LIFE to do that you must give your whole heart being terrified to be without HIM. Do you love comfort? do you love your fancy car? do you love things more than HIM . G-D has a way of humbling people. I know. Is your life more important to you than HE is to you. Are you willing to give your life , loves , dreams and desires up to serve HIM. I guarantee you as I write this is for me as well. If we are HIS friend are we willing to give up everything for HIM……. strange fire really led me to alot of revelations.



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