My stepdad spelled assume…ass-u-me

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My stepdad told  me one time ” don’t assume anything Taanjia do you know what assume means when you spell it?” then he spelled it ” ass-u-me… it makes one of you and me.” Of course I laughed at that time.. However I have found out that assuming things do cause hurts and problems. I have had people  assume things of me and I have assumed things of  others as well. I try to challenge myself to not assume it doesn’t always happen though, I am not perfect yet, God is still working on me … I will tell you a true story.Quite a few years ago my husband was to pick me up after work so I waited on the steps for his small red car , it was the only one in town at that time , at that time he had coal black hair also. Usually punctual  I waited until 7:00the designated time.  he didn’t show up at 7:00 and I was getting ansy concerned of what was going on, five minutes later a block away was a small red car in it was a man with coal black hair.  Finally at 7:30 pm Roger picks me up and I responded the only way a red blooded woman would , I was furious. I was furious that he lied to me. . I couldn’t understand why he had lied to me and just didn’t tell me the truth, then a few weeks later when I was riding in his little red car with him and saw a man with the identical color and make of the car my husband , he also had coal black hair and glasses looking  just like Roger from a distance.. Assumption. Every time I assume things I have to think back to that situation and realize not all things are as they appear.What is worse this type of situation has happened multiple times to me in other areas. sometimes from other people where they had assumed things that they had thought I had done and without asking me they had assumed the worse . Assumption creates suspicion and destroys friendships if it is not followed through with inquiries of what is factual . It is a hurtful thing to assume the worse without believing the best . Jesus never assumed things of anyone HE KNEW  things and desires us to discern and to love , discerning evil from good and believing the best of people even if they don’t deserve it. After all we are not perfect , if we continue to believe the best then we are pleasing in HIS SITE. I want to hear ‘WELL DONE GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT’.


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    […] My stepdad spelled assume…ass-u-me. […]

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