what have you sacrificed for JESUS and HIS ministry on your life……?

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I am so amazed how many times people bring up the word ministry, how they are looking for a ministry . Some reason people think ministry is something glamorous with fame of being in front  of people . I don’t think these people understand what the LORD YESHUA [JESUS] was saying at all.

Ministry= diakonia [1248] means servant, service, attendance, minister, office, relief service.

is there anything in this that says glamor or recognition????I don’t think so.

Paul in 2 Corinthians 6:3 We give no offense in anything  that our ministry may not be blamed.[so basically it is saying is we give no occasion of sin in anything that our service to God may not be blamed]

offense=proskope[4349] a stumbling, occasion of sin

so How many times do people in the ministry or service of GOD  act like servants ? or how many times do they allow sin to creep in polluting the GOSPEL allowing sin to the hearers of the WORD , compromising doing what is right by allowing the things of the world into their lives [love of comfort more than the service of God, or the love of material things rather than the love of people, love of spending time with loved ones rather than loving the time spent with God, more time for the world rather than time with God…you get the idea]we are to be doers of the WORD NOT HEARERS ONLY. How are we acting? are we acting like we belong to JESUS or are we acting like the world so people would not even know that we are christians. the term christians has become a bad thing in the mouths of people , how did that happen. It happened by the actions of the people who profess to know GOD but are more a part of the world than they think. We are to test ourselves to see if we are in the faith. what kind of things are in your heart are you peaceful ? do you think the best of everyone even if they don’t deserve it?  etc…..James 4:4 Adulterers and adulteresses! do you not know that freindship with the world is enmity with GOD? whoever therefore wants to be a friend of the world makes hiimself an enemy of God ?

2:6:4 but in all things we commend ourselves as ministers of God in much patience , in tribulations in needs , in distresses 6:5 in stripes , in imprisonments in tumults, in labors, in sleeplessness, in fastings 6:6 by purity by knowledge by long-suffering, by kindness, by the HOLY SPIRIT by sincere love , 2:7 by the Word of Truth , by the power of God, by the armor of righteousness on the right hand and on the left 6:8 by honor and dishonor by evil report, and good report, as deceivers  and yet true 6:9 as unknown and yet well known, as dying and behold we live; as chastened and yet not killed;6:10 as sorrowful yet always rejoicing  as poor yet making  many rich, as having nothing yet possessing everything…

they declared themselves servant of GOD and went through alot of things for YAHWEH without complaining. In love of GOD AND MAN they went forth, not getting angry at the ones who tortured them but loving thinking the best of each one being kind to them for their salvation and to keep the ministry of GOD NOT MAN clean. they were dishonored by evil talk of those who didn’t know the LORD but honored from above, they walked in the power of GOD BECAUSE GOD DID NOT GIVE THEM A SPIRIT OF FEAR BUT OF POWER LOVE AND A SOUND MIND . Wearing  righteousness armor by doing what was right before GOD [guarding their hearts ] they were declared to be deceivers as we are today called haters because we love people enough to tell them that they are doing the wrong thing and we don’t want to see people going to hell [that is true love, what would you have done if no one had told you of the Lord?]

they were not known yet they were known by God as it says in the WORD OF GOD  HE knows those who are HIS, they demons even know as it was written in ACTS  where there were some men who were going to cast out demons from this one man and they said Jesus I know , Paul I know but who are you and the demons attacked the men.

What have you given up for YESHUA? What is on your mind the most? What are you willing to give up.

Is your service to GOD blameless? Or does the world think of you as they think of their worldly friends? Can people tell if you are set apart or different from the world ? Do you offer them hope of eternity? Do you make a difference?????

Are you willing to live for JESUS OR ….ARE YOU WILLING TO DIE FOR JESUS….


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    […] what have you sacrificed for JESUS and HIS ministry on your life……?. […]

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