Knock and the door will be opened …..

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G-D is so good, when I was out of a job I asked HIM to give me a job for some money. HE did. It wasn’t what HE initially had for me but HE was kind enough to bless me with it.  I am not blessed with gifts of the left brain, I am a right brained person almost all the way.  I love people and creativity[ not saying that the left brained people don’t have these gifts ] there is not a bit of liking math in me, Neither is there any desire to work with electronics in me at all! That is what my hubby and sons are here for [smile] . Matthew 7:7 ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; KNOCK AND IT WILL BE OPENED TO YOU Matthew 7:8 for everyone who asks receives , and he who seeks finds , and to him who knocks  it will  be opened.

So it is time to get creative and do what I love , i am hoping that I can get things done for the flea market this weekend. I am thinking to do some more door knocking to see if G-D answers in the area I most enjoy. It does say HE ANSWERS. We will see……HE leads….


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