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Hold me up I am weak…………….

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Why is it when we ask for help it is hard to find someone who will encourage or pray but sometimes you will find that one person who will go before the LORD for you when you just don’t have the strength to do so.
I am grateful for those people who will see beyond my faults and look inside to know I have weaknesses and know I need strength from prayer.
The Word of God says we are to pray for one another and laugh with each other even cray for each other. Sad thing is that I have seen mean and women who profess to be Christians attack others instead of approaching the people they attack . [ Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks] .Renew our minds daily we need some different thoughts inside so what comes out of our mouths are not so cruel.


How scary is the last part where it says they don’t know where they are going if they hate their brothers and sisters[in the LORD]. Lately I have seen people who are well seasoned in the Bible hold things against others, all is well with them yet they have ought and not love , they don’t realize that there is no love. Makes me think of the scriptures I cast out demons in YOUR NAME I prophesied in YOUR NAME…. and JESUS said ‘depart from ME, I never knew you.’ God only knows those who love HiM AND JESUS. It also says that those who obey HIS commands love HIM and those who love HIM will have the HOLY SPIRIT. It all comes together. I need to do this as well…. Lord bless you this beautiful day …blessings in YESHUA


Who do you hang with?

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I love people , they are fun to talk to. However it is hard to pick the right people to hang with.
NKJ 1 CORINTHIANS 15:34 Do not be deceived evil company corrupts good habits
or as the NIV says 1Corinthians 15:33 do not be misled : bad company corrupts good character 15:34 come back to your senses as you ought, and stop sinning for their are some ignorant of GOD- I say this to your shame…….

There are some areas in my old life I can be drawn to if I hang with a person who makes it look appealing.I am sure most of us can say the same thing. Even our weaknesses we will try to find someone to fill that void whatever kind of relationship it may be. Still it can be dangerous to fill a part of you that just plain feels incomplete. God is perfect and the word perfect means complete. If we are missing something inside that is still something GOD is trying to deal with in us.Sometimes people will be sent to us for a test.God is testing us to reveal our hearts for him.

Deuteronomy 13:1 if a prophet or one who foretell by dreams appears among you and announce to you a sign or wonder 13:2 the sign or wonder spoken of takes place, and the prophet says , ‘Let us follow other gods'[gods you have not known] and let us worship them . 13:3 you must not listen to that prophet or dreamer, the LORD IS TESTING YOU TO FIND OUT WHETHER YOU LOVE HIM WITH ALL YOUR HEART AND WITH ALL YOUR SOUL.

Hanging with the wrong people can cause you to u-turn or wonder of the narrow road.
I have met a person who thought tarot cards , horoscopes, psychics and mediums were okay even if you were a christian. That person didn’t study the WORD OF GOD to show herself approved. Hanging with the wrong people brought her to poor choices in her life. It seems even that Christians now no longer look or act different from the world. It is hard to tell who is set a part [holy] and who isn’t anymore. Even the churches allow smoking, drinking even atheist worship leaders into their buildings, how can the GLORY OF GOD come into a defiled place. BY GOD’s grace we have not been destroyed yet.

How in the world can people be lead into worship in the heavenlies when the ones leading don’t even believe in the ONE THEY ARE CALLING TO COME AND MEET THEM IN WORSHIP.If it says that GOD doesn’t change yet we keep changing things then who is it we are trying to impress? Many times pastors are doing things trying to keep the people happy to keep coming with smoke screens, changing the name of their churches changing JESUS to make HIM acceptable to the people rather than changing to make themselves acceptable for GOD. why not try a sure things like having the HOLY SPIRIT DRAW THE PEOPLE or don’t the shepherds believe that happens anymore?

Was it a wonder that GOD WARNED THE ISRAELITE S NOT TO INTERMARRY? Even Solomon was drawn away from influential wives who believed differently.

Pleasing people is not what we are to do, we are to be GOD PLEASERS, but we try to make people like and accept us because we want to be lifted up rather than LIFTING UP JESUS TO BRING ALL MEN TO HIM.

We can’t avoid all people and not everyone is perfect but there is wisdom in knowing what to do in each circumstance. After all we need to show JESUS in our lives lets not put spots on our garments . YESHUA is coming really soon will you be ready? Will I?

I gave my heart away…………………..

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I heard a song once it was beautiful however I cannot for the life of me remember the title, the verses or even the music. I only remember it was beautiful. The singer spoke of giving their heart away.
I don’t know how many of you out there want to fall in love , I have always wanted to feel that deep intimate feeling that they show you in the movies. Is it real and out there in the way it is shown? I don’t know I have never experienced it to that level. Yet I do know what it feel like to give away your heart to one who loves you that much. I did December 15, 1982 I met the one in which is my bridegroom, YESHUA MESSIAH.I was a scared young woman with a small eight pound bundle walking to what is now a museum but then it was an Assemblies of God Church.
I gave away my heart. I didn’t know what that would entail in my life. I had not realized at that time I met my true love and bridegroom , and had become a bride myself that day. My heart was a virgin it had not been loved like this nor had I . I didn’t understand what it was going to come to living with your best friend always at your side wanting to please HIM but always failing then beating yourself up for screwing up while in the relationship.
My G-D is a jealous G-D HE hates it when I put others before HIM. Can you blame HIM?
HE gave so much to bring me to a mansion to live forever with HIM .I had committed adultery with other things more important to me than MY LORD. I am sorry for my selfish ways. HE is my love. HE will never hurt me but always love me . IN this I am so grateful. I know I don’t deserve HIS kindness but like one in love I cannot live without HIM and I will try again to please HIM and tell HIM I am sorry when I fail , I will try very hard to put away my wrongdoings and go forward. I want my wedding dress to be without sport or wrinkle. I want it to be perfect for MY LOVE.

Blessings to you I know this is not much of a writing but I had to write it for MY LOVE…….

U.S. Students Fail to Make the Grade on Financial Literacy

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look what our government has accomplished through our children


American students’ level of financial literacy, in comparison to that of other country’s students’, is distinctly average. A recent study by the Organisation for Economic Co‑operation and Development revealed that more than one in six U.S. teens are unable to make simple, everyday choices about spending, and only one in ten can solve complex financial tasks.

The findings resulted from an assessment of teens’ financial aptitude in skills such as understanding a bank statement. The U.S. ranked between 8-12 out of 18 countries and economies, with a mean score of 492. The OECD found 17.8% of US students do not even reach the baseline level of financial proficiency, compared to 15.3% in other OECD countries. The highest-ranking country, Shanghai-China, had an average score of 603. Colombia ranked last with a mean of 379.

With looming college debt and increasingly complex retirement plans, financial literacy is becoming increasingly important, especially for…

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