Month: September 2014

freedom from facebook

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I took some time off from facebook, it felt like freedom, freedom from drama which can be addicting. Freedom from reading the anger read in people who read the posts wrongly or misjudge posts that are not written towards them. Facebook can be a poison that festers, it causes a person to read things in another’s posts that may not be written in the way they are being read.It is not for the blunt or the tactless it is not for those who could care less if you exist.I never took it too seriously but have found that some do. I understand why some people clean out their friends list but have not understood how people can toss people aside like they were nothing. Facebook is a place where you don’t know what the person looks like even if you have known them years past. What you read and what is posted creates images of people in your mind then when they are there before you they are not as you thought they would be.It is a place of imagery. Not much different than television which desensitizes people from compassion of others. After all who can see you when you hurt and you can’t see who you hurt, it is plastic that separates people . I have found more time with my family and outside with my dog , I have found that I have through some posts had hurt others and had not known that. I can say I miss people in general and am grateful that I don’t have internet so it gives me an excuse to go into town to a place where people are where I can get on the internet.I have found that I like talking to people more than writing to them who I can’t see their smiles or even frowns and I prefer to see their faces when i hurt them so I can say I am sorry and make things right.