Why I Did Not Take The Shot….

I work at a Health Care Clinic, it’s a humble job of cleaning. This is not a position I initially would seek out yet this was a prophecy spoken over me years ago.

“Your altar is a mop bucket”

The young women’s voice was not music to my ears . The last thing I wanted was to clean.

Years of working in the health field drained me,the last eight years as a live in staff for the mentally and physically challenged was more than I could handle. No more did I want a job of responsibility or mind challenging.

Walmart looked easy enough. Lasting maybe a little over a month before looking for a different job. Finding something familiar in assisted living . It wasn’t bad at first until corporate took over complete with a new nurse in charge. Six months of eight deaths was challenging. The hard part was the lack of care in the new nurse.

Finding no time to spend with the Lord ,needing strength from Him to keep going.Praying for a change, the job came to me through an old coworker who wanted out of the new job she tried.

Asking the Lord if this was of Him ,I recieved an answer when the pay was more than they usually pay.

Vaccines are mandatory at my job flu shots are expected every year for the safety of all. This year 20/20 I found out something about vaccines. The Merck company put aborted babies into the measles mumps and rubella shots. Stem cell research experiments by using aborted babies.

Without a clear conscience I could not take the shot even though I was feeling forced to do it. I applied for a religious exemption.

Waiting for quite a few days to hear back from the people who would accept or deny my exemption took forever. Finally three days before I was required to take the shot I heard.

There was a doctor and I was able to ask questions to so I asked him what was in the shot. He was not able to answer telling me to look on the CDC because he trusted it. Now just because he trusted it didn’t mean I did. I didn’t know this man from Adam I didn’t know what he believed or where he stood. He had not gained my trust.

The next day I got my call, I received the exemption. As long as the woman who gave it to me was still working.

I’m not the only one who was concerned about aborted babies being in the shots.

Before the lady called me I prayed. Speaking to the Lord I said You gave me this job if You want me to keep it then I asked that I would not take the shot. I cannot work here if I have to take the shot .He answered my prayer.

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